Masterclass in Easy Weightloss 7th April 2018


Masterclass in Easy Weightloss £175 for the Public or Therapists


Life Coaching

This very successful weight loss system has been developed by Paul McKenna, a leading authority in lasting weightloss.  Paul McKenna has trained me to use these life changing techniques, which I use to train therapists, coaches, medical staff and anyone that would like to embark on a weightloss system that does not involve ‘dieting’!

I am a valued member of the training assisting team at  Paul McKenna’s Easy Weightloss Events in the UK, this enables me to keep my skills up to date and to be at the forefront of any new developments.

By using various techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness  and Hypnosis, this system gives you all the help you need to change your life for the better, no more dieting !!

At the Weight Loss Seminar…

I will help you to change your unwanted habits
You will learn positive change techniques
You will learn the 4 golden rules that are key to success
You’ll learn to recognise when you are hungry and when you are full
You will have loads of fun !!

At the end of the event you will take home a free gift which will help you to keep track of your progress and guide you over the following few months until you’ve firmly established the new habits of relating food to your body.

If you are a therapist you will receive a CPD Certificate instead of a book.

So whether you are a Coach, Therapist or someone that would like to lose weight without dieting this day is for you!

Call June on 07876 578055 for more information


” I highly recommend June O’Driscoll, she is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills I have developed and one of those licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Lingusitic Programming.”

– Dr Richard Bandler


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